Small TV Rant

Someone said to me the other day (in a most superior tone) that she
"doesn't do TV" in her house. This statement, and the holier-than-thou
manner in which it is typically delivered, never ceases to raise my
hackles. I always want to say, when someone says that they don't watch
any T.V., that to me it's no different than if they'd said, "I don't
read any books." Let me explain why…

Now, there is no arguing that there exists a substantial amount of dren
on T.V. But to judge or discount the entire medium based solely on the
trash-T.V. shows is short-sighted. Look at it this way: the existence
of cheesy romance novels, dime-store crime books and junk
pop-psychology books does not preclude the existence of great
literature. To me it would be like picking up an aforementioned cheesy
romance novel, reading a few paragraphs, and then tossing the book over
your shoulder and declaring, "I don't read books" because they're all

There is GREAT T.V. out there. Compelling dramas,
informative documentaries and science programs, and yes, even the
occasional silly sitcom (what's wrong with a little junk-food for the
mind once in a while??).

T.V. or not T.V. … that is the question… or rather, your personal
choice. But please, don't act like you're above the rest of us that can
take from television what is good, and leave the rest.