First Foods

It's still early in the season in these parts, but I've been enjoying lettuce (as well as wild foods– dandelion, chickweed, and violets) for a while now at least.  Now, at last, I'm starting to get some of the really good stuff!  This is a photo of one morning's worth of strawberries, organically grown and freshly picked.  We had the best strawberry harvest we've every had this year.  I even got to make a little jam!

Could be a very good year for fruit in general… this is the first year that I have fruit on my dwarf trees that survived the "June drop."  I have little pears and apples, though none of my nectarines made it (it's only in it's first year, so that is to be expected).  Of course the giant old apple and cherry are producing like mad, as always.  The blueberries aren't quite ripe yet, but we have lots of fruit this year for such small trees (they're only in their third year).  I think we'll have enough for pancakes and smoothies, but probably not enough for pie… we'll see.

At the moment we have a steady stream of peas, which we like to eat straight off the vine.  I keep a bowl on the kitchen table for snacking but it never stays full very long.  I look forward to seeing what will be debuting next!

Honey Harvest 2009

Last week the honey was extracted and bottled– almost 60 pounds worth from a single hive!  Not bad for a first honey harvest.  I also have a bunch of wax to melt down and use for candles, but I'm saving that for a rainy day project.  I splurged and got some labels printed up, too.  Pretty cool!