Life is Good

The pool is open, the tourists have arrived, and laundry is drying in a warm, dry breeze… must be summer!  The weather for the Solstice on Saturday was breathtaking and we celebrated with a day of toiling around the property, followed by a well deserved water-side dinner out.  This is New England weather at its finest, before the humidity and high temperatures turn everything damp and herald the start of bug-apalooza.  Still, this past weekend was about as perfect as it gets, and for now I’m looking forward to many more days of idyllic warm, dry, sunny weather.  I love where I live!


Taken while enjoying the first ice cream of the season!


This Cracked Me Up

That's no moon...

That’s no moon…


I love it when two passions collide, and this cartoon definitely gave me a chortle.

Speaking of yarn though, I’ve been in my usual spring knitting slump; I just don’t have a lot of motivation to work on the various half-completed projects I have lying around.  I get so frustrated with myself!  Ah well; this too shall pass.  I’ll plan on posting a full knitting update the next time around.  Until then, may your needles be busier than mine!

Friday at Last


A nice mug of hand-spiced chai latte and a lemon-raisin scone, enjoyed with friends this afternoon at our local coffee & tea shop.  Nice way to end what was a very busy, topsy-turvy week.  Happy weekend all!


Emerging from Winter’s Cave


spring14          spring14a

It looks like the Earth is finally shaking off the last vestiges of winter. In the past week, buds have started forming on the trees, the crocuses are in full bloom, the daffodils are about to burst, and the warblers and thrushes have shown up at the feeder. The neglect of winter has taken its toll on the property, especially since we didn’t do leaves in the fall, and I’ve been itching to get out there and clear up the mess. After several rainy days off– which are nice in their own way– I finally had a day off today with perfect work-outside weather. It felt so good to be out toiling in the sunshine, though my weary bones are feeling it now.  Happy Spring!


Raked out annual bed.


The herb bed off the kitchen porch– all raked out!



Making way for Peony shoots.

The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly!) Love

We spent last weekend visiting my cousin and her family, which was long overdue (it’s been 10 years since we last went, though we have seen them up here over the holidays every year).  We had such a fantastic time!  It makes such a huge difference going around a place with a local… no map searching, wrong turns, or navigating public transport.  Since we only had one full day there (Saturday), we hit as many places as we could.  On Sunday we walked around my cousin’s neighborhood where I almost turned completely green with envy at her local grocery store, which was bursting with fresh, local and organic food; as well as a ready-to-eat food bar/eating area which featured healthy fare, AND its own separate herbal pharmacy.  If I had a place like that nearby, I wouldn’t hate grocery shopping!   I’d probably also be broke. 😉

Anyway, here are a few random shots of the interesting places we visited:


It’s a Boot-iful Thing

After many moons of trying to stuff my feet into shoes and boots that pinched, it finally dawned on me that my shoe size might have changed.  Apparently this can happen as you age and the arches and pads of your feet “settle.”  Who knew?  Sure enough, I’ve steadily gone from a 5 to 5.5 to 6 to 6.5 over the course of my adult life.  Now, I’m solidly a 7!  So, I’ve been slowly replacing some essentials– work shoes, flats, barn boots… and thought I’d take advantage of the end of season sales to get some pac boots.  I totally scored when I found this pair of Khombu Arctic 2 Boots.  They are rated for -20, completely waterproof, and cute to boot! (pun intended).  And just when I was thinking I’d have to wait until next year to really give them a work out, winter still seems to have plenty of snow in store for us.



While I was at it, I also picked up a pair of these awesome Lucky Brand Fair Isle Slippers to keep me warm.


My “Lucky” slippers– ha ha.


I have a feeling I’ll still be getting plenty of use out of both!