I suppose an update is long overdue!  It’s been a busy year.  I started full time at the little art gallery/event center I work at and that has kept me very busy.  Fortunately, I love what I do!  Some things have taken a back seat during the transition though: most notably, my garden. 😦 I was really disappointed to have to let that go, but it’s just too difficult to find the time and motivation and with so many awesome farmer’s markets in the area, it’s easy enough to find locally grown fruits and vegetables.  I still like to spend plenty of time outside, I just don’t want to be doing back breaking work while I’m enjoying it!  That said, there are a few things I’m not giving up: my trusty bed of garlic and right next to it one for zinnias, that robust producer that gives me fresh flowers from July to the first frost.  Of course I still also have my medicinal and culinary herb bed just outside the kitchen and a couple of ornamental beds in the courtyard, but that’s enough for the time being!  The orchard is in a sad state; it’s pruned but never produces anything at all.  The blueberries and blackberries are the only thing that sometime spit out a few handfuls of fruit, but the apple and pear trees… nada.  Instead of toiling in the soil, I’ll be enjoying a little reading time in the hammock or painting in the shade of a tree.

Speaking of which… painting! About a year ago, sifting through some piles of rubble in my office, I came across all my old sketchbooks and started going through them. It rekindled my love of art and I’ve been doing some form of sketching, painting, or pottery creating every day.  I have enjoying it so much and have improved immensely with daily practice.  Expect to see a good amount of that on the blog from now on– you were warned.  I’ll start with this little watercolor sketch of one or our Buff Orpington hens, the aptly named Buffy. (Sadly, Willow and Cordelia are no longer with us. 😦 )