Life is Good

The pool is open, the tourists have arrived, and laundry is drying in a warm, dry breeze… must be summer!  The weather for the Solstice on Saturday was breathtaking and we celebrated with a day of toiling around the property, followed by a well deserved water-side dinner out.  This is New England weather at its finest, before the humidity and high temperatures turn everything damp and herald the start of bug-apalooza.  Still, this past weekend was about as perfect as it gets, and for now I’m looking forward to many more days of idyllic warm, dry, sunny weather.  I love where I live!


Taken while enjoying the first ice cream of the season!


This Cracked Me Up

That's no moon...

That’s no moon…


I love it when two passions collide, and this cartoon definitely gave me a chortle.

Speaking of yarn though, I’ve been in my usual spring knitting slump; I just don’t have a lot of motivation to work on the various half-completed projects I have lying around.  I get so frustrated with myself!  Ah well; this too shall pass.  I’ll plan on posting a full knitting update the next time around.  Until then, may your needles be busier than mine!