Here, There, and Everywhere

To say it’s been a while is a bit of understatement– my last post was over a year ago! So much going on; a little catch-up is in order.

Firstly, a couple of years ago I got a part time job. As the Peeps moved into more independent work I had more free time and started to look for something that might be a good fit, and I found it! I’m working about 20 hours a week for a little art gallery in our local village. It’s very flexible (I can make my own hours) and so works wonderfully for being a homeschool mom of teens.

Speaking of which, yes! Two teens! When did that happen?  This year Peep #1 is a sophmore and doing a lot of on-line and outside classes:


Bravewriter (Writing)

Local Community College:

Other misc:

Biology 101 as a local marine research facility

At home I’m doing Oak Meadow Civics with him, but ultimately doing so many outside classes has really freed up my time. Oh! And, in the last year or so Peep #1 has really developed a passion for writing. This fall he attended the Unschool Adventures Writer’s Retreat in Crested Butte, Colorado, and loved every minute of it. This was his first extended stay away from home (a little over a month), and he had to navigate two airports (a change over) and manage his own time & money while out there. And you know what? He aced it! We are really proud of him!


Halloween at the Writer’s Retreat


The breathtaking view of Crested Butte

Peep #2 Is also doing the Biology and English classes, and an online Theatre Arts class through Curr-Click as well. At home we’re doing Oak Meadow Math 8 and Civics. She is hell-bent on going back to school next year (she will be a freshman) at the local high school. I have mixed feelings about this. I will definitely miss the homeschooling, and I have reservations about putting her in “the system.” But, she has always said she wanted to go to a “regular” high school. She has friends who go to the high school so she won’t be alone in that regard. And, she has always loved theatre, and this particular high school has an excellent drama department. In fact, when she was eight she auditioned and got a part in their production of The Music Man. Peep #2 is very social. She has a good sized group of friends (both homeschool and not), but needs more. So, we’ll see… I have told her she can always come back; whether it’s a day or a semester, if it’s not a good match, homeschooling will be waiting for us!

So… what else? Ah yes– in September we took a trip to France! We had such an amazing time. We spent a week in Paris at DH’s aunt’s apartment, sight-seeing around Paris. So, SO much to see and do, but I think we did pretty well and hit all the big ticket places. The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Bastille, Opera, Musee D’Orsay, Napolean’s tomb, etc etc etc. We also got to visit with DH’s cousins over dinner one night. Peep #1 had become friendly with DH’s cousin’s son, who is about the same age, when they were visiting the States last summer. So he spend the night and took the metro home the next day– again– a pretty cool thing to do considering the Metro, and the language, are unfamiliar to him.


L’Arc de Triomphe!


Taking a walk along the Seine.

paris2013 Eiffel tour

Tour Eiffel


Lunch at Cafe La Source. Steak frites, of course!


Peep #2 takes in the view of the square below from our apartment.


We also came across this really cool sci-fi bar called “The Last Bar Before the End of the World.” Definitely my kind of place. LOL


A message from the sidewalks of Paris. ❤

We trained down to DH’s family home in the country and enjoyed 5 days of relaxing before heading back to Paris for a couple of nights before we came home.


The gardens there were bursting with a beautiful bounty!


Here are some random shots of the property:


Garden gate.


Two towers. 😉



Truly, this was the trip of a life time and I’m so glad we were able to swing it!

Last big thing… for me anyway… a year ago this past November I got an adorable Mini Cooper S. I have never loved a car so much and the Peeps are convinced I’ve gone over the deep end! LOL But it’s a blast to drive (6 speed manual supercharged engine) and yes, it is my official mid-life crisis mobile. Or it would be, if I were having a crisis. 😉


MINI love.

That is all for now. I’m going to try to be better about writing here, but I’ve said that before… only time will tell.


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