Stylish Blogger Award

Wow!  A very big thankyou to Is over at Snowflakes in the Valley for sending me blog props in the form of the Stylish Blog award.  I’m extremely flattered!  Okay, so in accordance with award rules, here are seven things about me:

*I really dislike the word “crisp”

*Purple is my favorite color

*I once helped the director block a shot by standing in for Gillian Anderson on the X-Files set (we are the same height/size)

*I’m Pagan, but I love Christmas carols! LOL

*I have been known to laugh inappropriately at tender scenes in movies

*I am painfully shy

*I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the 5th time

And here are the blogs I’ve decided to pass on the Stylish award to, in no particular order.  I’ve found inspiration at each and every one of them, and hope you will too!

Blue Skies and Dragonflies

A Small Tribe

Lowercase Learning

Hawai’in Dreaming

The Angry Chicken

A Homeschool Story

The Magic Onions

Danielle’s Thinkwell

I’m Nobody!  Who Are You?

Now is the Best Time

Bright Sky Six

Schooling From the Heart

Ancient Hearth

Natural Suburbia

Tiny Owl Knits

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