Weekly Report 10.22.10

It was a good week, despite two really light school days.  On Wednesday the weather was so beautiful… warm and sunny.  We have so few left before the cold weather sets in, so I set the Peeps free in the afternoon to play outside!  Thursday we spent the day at my sister’s visiting.  I did bring a few things for them to do, but mostly they just enjoyed visiting with their aunt and grandparents.  🙂

That said, we did finish up their two current blocks.  Peep #1 did the last four Egyptian god/dess pages.  Here are a couple of those (sorry for the blurry photos this week; I had to use my camera phone!):



He did a little tie in to math with learning about how the Egyptians used the length of fingers, palm, and forearm as a tool for measuring:


Another math sheet.  He learned about different polygons in Saxon this week, and I had him do a page to help reinforce it.  Some of them were challenging for him to draw, so I pan to have him repeat this exercise next week.


Peep #2 finished up her Botany block– for now.  We’ll do another week or two in the spring.  Here are some examples of her work this week:


Copywork: "Trees", and more Conifers

We are learning about different herbs and their medicinal qualities (this will extend past the Botany block), so she did a page on Lavender.  The second page shows the spore prints we did for mushrooms last week.  She also did a sun print of a fern leaf which was so pretty, but by the next day it had faded away.  We must have done something wrong!

Bye Bye Botany (for now!)

Another example from the Land of Pome math activities:

Pick up Pennies

A painting lesson on symetry:


And we also read about the origin of numbers and counting in The History of Counting.  We made our own Sumerian counting beads out of baked clay:

Sumerian Counting

Sumerian Counting Beads

I’ve been wanting to teach the Peeps to sew for a long time, so this week for handwork we made bean bags.  I was surprised at how quickly they took to it– especially Peep #1.  His stitches were so neat and straight!  He keeps surprising me with this stuff!

Sewing 101

Bean Bags!

Peep #2 and I finished the first side/half of our knitted unicorn.  I’ll update that photo on the Needles page later today.  For art we worked on some water color painting, blowing the colors around with straws to see what we got:

Painting with Straws!

Spridery, Ghostly Prints, Just in Time for Halloween

We also played around with our beeswax block crayons, working on a lesson from Coloring with Block Crayons.  In this one, the goal was to draw the sky at different times of the day using different colors for the sky (i.e. yellow for dawn, purple for evening):

The Changing Sky- Peep #2

Peep #1's Changing Sky

That’s it for this week.  Til next time!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Report 10.22.10

  1. I know you said you put together your own plan for the year. Now when are you going to share details about how you did it?? I just received the Oak Meadow catalog thinking it would be just what I’m looking for…but it didn’t inspire me at all, not the way looking at your weekly reports do!
    Now to check out the unicorn progress!

  2. I wish we could come over to do art and crafts with you three!

    Dd10 can handsew beautifully but wants desperately to use my machine—she’s going to help me make her Halloween costume this week 🙂

    I think sewing is a life skill. If you can sew a simple hem, repair a ripped-open seam and sew on a loose button, you will be able to do most clothing repairs that normally you’d have to pay someone to do.

  3. LOL Karen! It’s my favorite part of the week, too. Some days it’s ALL I feel like doing. 🙂 I agree about the sewing, too. I think everyone should know how to do basic things like sew on a button or hem pants. I hope to graduate the Peeps to my machine, but they’re a ways off from that yet. DD did get a little one from her Grandma but we couldn’t get it to work properly– I think she’s better off just using the big one– when she’s ready! I hope you’ll post pictures of the finished Halloween costume!

    Lee– I mostly get my inspiration from other homeschoolers! I have blogs I visit regularly for ideas, and jot down things in my school planner to help me remember them. I have an entire bookmark folder just for school ideas. Also, Google is my friend LOL… I spend a lot of time preparing for topics by searching on the net. There is so much out there– especially for popular subjects like Ancient Egypt. I find that curriculum sites OM or Christopherous are good for topic ideas (and Christopherous has pics of student work), but aren’t really that inspirational. It’s definitely other homeschoolers that help me brainstorm ideas! HTH

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