Weekly Review 10.15.10

Busy week!  On Monday we went on a field trip to Devil’s Hopyard in East Haddam, CT.  The scenery was spectacular as the leaves are starting to peak now.  We talked about the local geography of the area, the lore surrounding the name “Devil’s Hopyard,” and the importance of Chapman Falls to the local mill industry.

Chapman Falls at Devil's Hopyard

Chapman Falls

There were also lots of interesting rock formations that we saw and later read about, including glacial puckering, rock shelters, folds and mineral deposits (biotite and quartz crystals).

Brimfield Schist


At home the Peeps wrote and illustrated the legend of Devil’s Hopyard, which says that the Christian Devil, while passing through, got so mad when his tail got wet in the falls that he stomped the ground leaving the huge pothole formations the falls are known for.  They’re actually caused by rocks getting caught and spinning in the current.  I tried to get pictures of them but unfortunately they didn’t come out!

Meanwhile, Peep #1 continued with his Egyptian God/Goddesses pages:



He also made a canopic jar, which didn’t turn out as well as his Anubis.  He still liked it though. 🙂

Canopic Jar

Peep #2 continued to work on her Botany block.  She’s enjoying it so much that she wants to do one more week.  I had planned to do two weeks in the fall, two in the spring, but since she’s having so much fun with it we’ll continue.  Here are some examples of the things she did this week:

The Seven Plant Families

Sprouting Beans to Chart Growth

Chalkboard Drawing: Metamorphosis


Making a Spore Print from Mushrooms


Creating a Terrarium

Watercolor Echinacea

She also did some more Math activities from Land of Pome, as well as some illustrations to reinforce the “Time and Measurement” lesson from Oak Meadow Math 5:

Wheel of the Year

In Grammar, they both learned about the Present Perfect, Past Perfect, and Future Perfect tenses.  We will be exploring this more next week:

Peep #1's Halloween-Themed Tenses Page

Finally, we finished our leaf garland and strung it above the kitchen chalk board! (Don’t look too closely; you’ll see our mistake in one of the leaves. ;))

Leaf Garland

We also made these really pretty window leaf transparencies using dried leaves and wax paper.  We framed the first one but then decided we liked them better free floating, like leaves being blown about wildly against the windows…

Ironing the leaves between sheets of wax paper

Peep #1's Turn at the Iron

Cooled and Ready to Be Cut Out

All Done!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Review 10.15.10

  1. I just love the projects you come up with for the children. They are so interesting as well as a lot of fun to do. I want to join the class!!

  2. We have to wait another week or so to get good, colorful leaves for a “stained glass” project. Peak color usually right before Halloween.

    You guys had a great week!

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