Weekly Review 10.8.10

This week Peep #1 continued to work on his study of Ancient Egypt.  This week he focused on Gods and Goddesses, learning about and doing an illustration and write up for each:




We are working on his penmanship!  As a lefty this has been something he’s struggled with.  Anyway, he also also used some bake-in-the-oven clay and paint to create a sculpture of Anubis– I think it came out great!



Meanwhile, Peep #2 started her Botany Block.  These are the resources I’m drawing from for this unit:

Botany Block Resources

We’re using the Christopherus Botany book as a guide, and mixing it up with a bit of our own thing as well.  This week she learned about the basic parts of a plant, observed and sketched plants in nature, went on a seed scavenger hunt and created a display of our findings, soaked a beans to chart growth, learned about the medicinal properties of Purple Coneflower, and even played a song about it! (From the upper left book, A Kid’s Herbal).  Here are some excerpts:

Botany Poem Copywork

Sorting/Preparing Our Seeds to Glue to the Display

In Writing/Language Arts, they continued with several exercises from Unjournaling.  We are also continuing with our start-of-the-year review, going over basics.  In talking about tenses, I tried to come up with ideas that were related to their main lesson block units, and this is what we came up with:

Tenses- Ancient Egyptian Style 😉

Botanical Tenses

Some more Grammar work:

Copywork: Ancient Egyptian Poem

In Math, Peep #1 continued with Saxon 8/7.  I’ve ordered him a compass drawing book, as well as Kovac’s Mathematics Around Us, just to spice up his lessons a bit.  In addition to Oak Meadow Math 5, Peep #2 created a Fibonacci necklace, and did some activities from the “Land of Pome.”

"Never Gamble with Your Gold"

Creating a Fibonacci Necklace

The Finished Product!

She also did a lesson on time:

We did some felting again this week.  I bartered a couple of jars of my honey for a friend’s dyed roving– jackpot!  So we had some fun with that:

Lotsa Roving! It''s good to have friends with sheep... 😉

Needle Felting Pumpkins & Wet Felting Acorns

Peep #2 and I started our knitted unicorns (see “Needles” tab) and are doing well with that.  We still need to finish our leaf garland though!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Review 10.8.10

  1. The botany study is going to be fascinating to follow. Thanks for showing all the books. The felted food is adorable! I’ve only ever felted from old woolen clothes, not practically straight from the sheep.

  2. I’m amazed and awed and delighted to see all that your family has done this week! I sound like an adoring grandma here, don’t I?? LOL The Egyptian gods and Anubis sculpture, the verb tenses related to plants, the little acorns — I love it all. My homeschooling seems flatline in comparison. 🙂 Are you following Oak Meadow? Or creating your own based on Waldorf principles? I don’t remember.
    Lee (5wolfcubs)
    PS I couldn’t view the Unicorn!

  3. Thanks for your kinds words, all of you! Lee– We have OM math for Peep #2, but aren’t really following OM. I printed out their overview for each grade that I draw ideas from, but mostly we’re doing our own thing, and trying to incorporate Waldorf style and ideas into what we’re doing (lesson blocks, rhythms, handwork, learning through art, that kind of thing). This is new for us, but I have to say, in a very short time both kids have really responded to it. I will be thrilled if this level of enthusiasm keeps up!

    I’ll look into what’s up with the unicorn…

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