Weekly Review 10.1.2010

Some of this week’s goings-on:

For math, Peep #2 has been working on multiplication stars.  She loves creating these, and since it’s reinforcing her times tables I let her run with it.

Okay, the last one isn’t strictly multiplication, but I thought it was clever and included it anyway!  Also, she’s been having a little trouble remembering rounding up/down with place value, especially with the bigger numbers.  So, inspired once again by something I saw at Our Little Nature’s Nest, I made her a place value game.  Using three large sheet of paper, she drew three trees with three holes in them each.  The holes represent each place value from one to one hundred million.  I made some “fairy stones” for her numbered 0-9 (hard to see in the photo) and put them in a twinkly silver-white pouch along with a die.  Finally, I constructed a basic game spinner:

Fairy Woods Place Value Game

Fairy Stones

First she rolls the dice and fills in the spaces with the numbers.   Then she uses the spinner to round that number “to the nearest”.  I left out ones since she doesn’t really need practice with that.  🙂

In Writing/Grammar, we learned about the origins of Drama, read about William Shakespeare, and re-read some favorite “younger” versions of Mac Beth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I had them illustrate a page for the Tempest, but forgot to take photos of those!  Peep #1’s pages:

They both copied an Autumn poem into their books and illustrated it; and Peep #2 made a review page for the 8 parts of speech:

Autumn Poem/8 Parts of Speech Review

In History, I gave Peep #1 an oral “quiz” on what he’s learned about Ancient Egypt so far and was very impressed!  He did an Eye of Horus fraction activity from Great Scott! and illustrated a page about it, made pages on the Sphinx (including another  “stained glass” picture) and the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Next week he wants to move on to Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Peep #2 is wrapping up her Prehistoric Era lessons, so she didn’t do much this week related to that.  She did make another fossil page and then worked on excavating her “Dino Dig” project:

Excavation! Budding Archeologist at Work...

Next week she starts part one of the Botany Block.  We’re both excited about this– I have some fun things planned!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Review 10.1.2010

  1. You had a GREAT week with a lot of interesting activities! I’ll be looking for your Botany Block info as we’ll be doing that next year in 6th grade.

  2. The multiplication stars are very cool! So are all the page creations! I have a question about the fairy stones game: After rolling the die, how does she know/decide where to put the numbered stones?
    Lee (5wolfcubs)

  3. Sorry I wasn’t clear about that! She rolls the die, and that tells her how many numbers she going to lay out, then she picks those numbers randomly from the bag. For example, if she rolls a 6, she’ll pick six stones from the bag, placing the first in the ones place, the second in the tens, and so on. I modified our die to have numbers from 4-9, because she mostly needs help with the bigger numbers. I hope that clears it up!

    Thank you both for your comments!

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