Yarn-y Goodness

Color Basket

This week I made a trip to the craft store to look for some art supplies.  Of course I can’t ever resist peeking at the yarns, even though I normally prefer to buy from our LYS.  I’m glad I did look because I found this beautiful trio of bulky 100% wool yarns in soft pastels.  The colors in the picture really don’t do them justice!  One is a solid pale blue, another a mix of the same blue with sage green and beige, and then the last one– my favorite– looks like autumn wrapped up in a ball!  I can’t wait to get working with that.  I’d intended all of them for the kids’ knitting basket BUT…  it might just find it’s way to mine instead.  😉

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3 thoughts on “Yarn-y Goodness

  1. The colors are beautiful. If they do end up in your basket, what will you make?? 🙂 What is LYS? I’m suddenly feeling like finding my knitting needles, which I haven’t used in…hmm, 8 years!

  2. Sorry, Lee, that’s Local Yarn Store. And I don’t know, but I’m thinking about a nice chunky pair of mittens with that yarn… a hat or scarf might be too scratchy..? We’ll see. Peep #2 is holding fast to it at the moment!

    Thanks, Jilly– it WAS a great find!

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