Weekly Report 9.20.10

We started the week with a lesson in how to make chili.  Both kids LOVE to cook, so I’m trying to spend more time on this this year.

Chili-making Lesson

Peep #1 worked on a wall relief project for his studies of Ancient Egypt.  Here is a picture of the work in progress:

Carving a Wall Relief

And the finished product…. the colors were a little bleed-y, but he was happy with the result.

The Finish!

In addition, we worked on a cool project from Great Scott that involved the Eye of Horus and fractions.  We’ll still playing around with that.

Peep #2 is reading Fossil Detective and wanted to make a “fossil” in addition to doing a page for her main lesson book on prehistoric times.  She wanted it bright blue, so there you have it:

Bright Blue Fossil

In Grammar and Writing, in addition to continuing our Unjournaling exercises, they did pages for Alliteration and Onomatopoeia…

Grammar and Writing Main Lesson Book Work

Thursday was Mabon (the autumn equinox), so we did lots of activities related to the holiday.  First we read a story about Mabon, son of Modron, from Circle Round.  Then we came up with ideas for a chalkboard drawing:

Mabon Chalkboard Drawing

I have a HUGE aloe plant that had a couple of suckers.  I rooted them a few weeks ago to give to the Peeps for a Mabon gift.  It’s nice to have something green in your room through the gray winter months; and aloe is so good for boo boo’s. 😉

Mabon Gift: Little Aloes

We then worked on some magnetic poetry with a Mabon-inspired theme… (afterward they copied them into their poetry books).

Magnetic Poetry

Peep #2's Poem

Inspired by Nature’s Nest’s Leaf Gnome Garland, we are working on a leaf garland of our own:

Leaf Rubbings with Block Crayons

We haven’t put them together yet, so I’ll post a picture of the finished product next week.

So, there are a few snippets from our week.  Happy Autumn, Everyone!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Report 9.20.10

  1. Happy Autumn! It is so much cooler today. Our high was in the upper 70’s instead of 90! Woohoo!
    Can’t wait to see the leaf garland! 🙂

  2. Hmm, the wall relief project looks interesting. Was it on baked clay? I’ve already found a gazillion projects for when we start Egypt next week–what’s one more? LOL

    I enjoy reading your weekly reports–thanks!

  3. Thanks everyone! Karen– I used plaster of paris. We set it out over night to harden, so that the next day the top was solid but not completely hard. It was soft enough that he could carve with a toothpick (though we did have some “real” carving tools on hand). HTH

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