Creative Endeavors

A most unusual occurrence this summer… I kept knitting!  I typically find I lose the motivation to knit in summer months; there are just too many other things to do.  But for some reason this year I’ve kept up with it and as a result I think I’m actually going to do really well with making gifts for loved ones this year.  See, every January I sit down and make a new “Project” sheet which lists birthdays and things I might like to knit for each  person.  At the bottom I create another list called “Yule” where I jot down people I’d like to knit a little something up for for stocking stuffer type gift, as well as bigger gifts for family members.  Finally, I make a smaller list of things I just want to try for the fun of it or to make up for myself.  Naturally, after all that work (setting up the list is half the fun )… I suddenly find myself in October with 5 different birthdays and the holidays (and yet more birthdays) looming just beyond… and I’ve hardly knitted a thing!

Anyway, I won’t find myself in such a plight this fall.  Though I may not get to everyone and everything on my list, I won’t be left so woefully behind.  So far I’ve knitted:

1. Another pair of the Alice In Wonderland fingerless mitts for my mother-in-law.  She specifically mentioned how much she liked them when I showed her the pair I had knitted up for myself.  She’s a composer and her hands get chilly in the winter when she’s working at the piano.

2. A toddler blanket for my nephew (see photo)  When he was up visiting this summer, he LOVED the 6-hour throw I made.  So I decided to make him a smaller version, using a different yarn (I despise Homespun!!).  I used the Jiffy yarn, because although I don’t like acrylic, I wanted it to be wash and dry for ease of care.


Toddler Throw for H


3.  I also made a pair of fingerless mitts for my father and brother, who share the same birthday.


Fingerless Mitts for R

4.  I’m currently working on something NOT on my list, as I just found out recently about it:  an Owlie Sleep Sack for the my new niece/nephew who is expected in February!  I found the pattern at Ravelry (of course) and it’s adorable.  My very first cable project!  I finished that part last night and am very pleased with how the owls came out.  I find it’s a little tricky maneuvering the cable needle, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.  I really, REALLY wanted to find a nice yarn for this project; for it to be an heirloom piece.  I was loathe to knit with acrylic again, but I was worried about wool being to scratchy and/or too difficult to care for.  Lo and behold, I was ecstatic for find a very soft, hand dyed,  100% superwash merino wool that can be machine washed gentle and machine dried on low temperature at my LYS!  It’s called Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted and the colors are fabulous.  I tried to pick something gender-neutral and came up with a beautiful blue/green/purple mix.

Owlie Sleep Sack

Owlie Sleep Sack

Next up for September I have my mom, who I plan on knitting slippers for, and my neighbor, who I’m going to make a calorimetry for.  I guess that’s all for now.  Happy Knitting!


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