School Update

I haven't posted an update about school in a while, so here goes…

Things have been moving along pretty well, despite the fact that we've had several days this month of field trips and playing hooky!  We took a Monday off and went with some of our homeschool friends to see Avatar in 3-D at the iMax theatre.  (But, we made it up another day… that's the beauty of homeschooling )  The Peeps were so cute, they kept trying to reach out and grab things, like they weren't quite convinced it wasn't actually right in front of them, even though they knew better.  Gotta love kids…

We also took a field trip to Boston to see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science…. it was awesome!  I wish they had allowed pictures.  We loved seeing all the props and sets up close.  I'm such a knitting geek that my favorite things were getting an up front view of Ron's sweaters and other goodies knitted by Mrs. Weasley. LOL  But, the best was the gorgeous knit blanket on the end of Ron's bed!  I soooo wanted to snap a picture to reference later but I didn't want to embarrass the kids by getting thrown out of the exhibit.    It inspired me to start working on my own patchwork blanket; it'll be a great way to use up leftover yarn!  Fortunately the Harry Potter Lovers Group at Ravelry had some great screen caps (page down) of said blanket.  *drool*  Anyway, we spent the whole day, had lunch, and got to look around other parts of the museum as well.  Fun day!

Our book work is moving along on schedule and I hope to be finished with the bulk of it by late April early May.  The exception is history–Story of the World has 42 chapters and we do 32 weeks of school, so that means that even if we double up a couple of weeks we will go right into June with history.  Which is fine since we really enjoy history and with our other subject finished up we can really sink our teeth into the topics.

Speaking of history, we are spending the next few weeks studying WWII and the Holocaust.  Ugh.  I truly believe there are things worth fighting for.  I'm a peace-loving gal but seriously, sometimes people need a little ass-kicking!


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