Winter Solstice

We had a really nice Winter Solstice.  My brother and nephew are visiting from Virginia, and my Mom, Dad and sister came down for the day as well.  We had a mellow time hanging out and visiting, while I made chili and corn bread for dinner.  I also made our traditional Midwinter Gingerbread for dessert which was a big hit.  YUM.

The Peeps and I did our usual thing as well… brought it bunches of greens and holly to decorate and built a solstice cave.  This year because of the two feet of snow that got dumped on us, we built it out of snow instead of a cairn of rocks.  It looked sooooo pretty glistening in the snow all night!  The picture I took of it is from our video camera so I’ll add that later.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of what’s left of the Midwinter Gingerbread… I should have snapped a shot BEFORE everyone got to it.  It looked so purty! LOL

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

And here’s a random shot of the centerpiece I created with evergreen branches and holly:
Yule Greens & Holly

Yule Greens & Holly

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!  The days are getting longer!

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