It’s That Time of Year…

We're back to school for another two weeks before we begin our winter break (to start back up in January).  I'm ready for it!  We took Thursday and Friday off this past week and it was nice; made me realize how much I DO need a bit of respite from school.  I'm really looking forward to all our Yule activities!  The calender for December has really filled up, but without the worry of getting our school work done, I'm happy to be busy with the bustle of the season.

Work-wise we are doing well… on schedule with all of our subjects.  The only thing I'm stressing a bit about is science; we haven't done as much as I'd like this semester.  With that in mind, I've signed us up for a bunch of fun activities and projects at the Nature Center during the month of December.  Though technically we're in the Physics phase, a little nature study will be a welcome change! 

I'm almost done with my shopping… since our holiday is a mish-mash of French, Catholic (DH) and pagan (me) traditions, I find myself in the position of getting a few things to be from Santa (stocking and a few under-the-tree gifts), Père Nöel (a couple gifts under the shoe), and me (on the Winter Solstice I give each Peep a small, usually handmade gift).  We don't go crazy with the gifts… I mean, it shouldn't be about the STUFF, you know??  In the past it was more difficult… friends and family literally inundated the Peeps with toys and trinkets.  After years of gentle persuasion on my part, they've all mellowed considerably in that regard, which I very much appreciate.  A few special, well-thought out gifts are much more appreciated these days, as they've learned to value quality over quantity.

At any rate, for now, we will spend our days the next couple of weeks concentrating on school,  while visions of sugar plums dance in our dreams at night.


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