The infusions I've had percolating for several weeks (picture below, right) are finally ready!  Today I made up a special salve for my Mom.  She had knee surgery in September and has had a tough time recuperating.  I used some of the comfrey oil for deep healing, plantain for healing the skin/scar, and calendula oil to soothe the area (equal parts each).  I added a little lavender essential oil for fragrance, as that is Mom's favorite.

Meanwhile, the last of the summer herbs are drying in the kitchen rafters.  Lemon Balm, Verbena and a little mint (not pictured)– that is all. Though I do still have some huge bunches of raspberry leaves (still on the stalk) hanging in the barn.  I'm going to move them to the green house this weekend but I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to jarring the leaves… it's been a busy October!  But, since I have a bunch all ready put up I'm not really in any rush.



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