Autumn Brings Out The Knitting Crazies

I’ve been knitting like a mad woman lately.  I finished a poncho for my sister for her birthday, a beret to use as a stool cover, a pair of fingerless gloves (my first!), am working on a scarf for Peep #1 for his birthday and a pair of socks for my SIL for hers.  I love knitting socks and try to have a pair going at all times.  Below left is a picture of SIL’s sock, though I have made quite a bit of progress on it since this was taken.  I’m on the foot now, about to start the toe decreases.

Poor Peep #2 has had the worst luck with the socks I’ve knit for him!  He’s growing too fast… by the time I finish

SIL Socks

SIL Socks

he’s outgrown them (Peep #1 has benefited from these cast-offs).  I also knit a beret to use as a stool cover that came out really cool.  I used a really thick yarn (Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in “Spice”) and size 13 circulars so it knit up in a few hours.  It’s perfect!

Spiral Stool Cover

Spiral Stool Cover

Thumbs!  I’ve mastered the thumb… it’s a huge knitting hurdle for me and you have no idea how exciting this is!  (Unless, possibly, you’re a knitter and have experienced a similar thrill).  I’ve been wanting to knit mittens and fingerless mitts for eons but was always intimidated by the thought of doing a thumb.  I felt like knitting it flat and sewing it up was cheating.  I was going to knit it in the round, dammit!  LOL  Anyway, I found a really easy pattern in Interveave Knits that I was able to modify.  I used super chunky yarn (Sirdar Stampada) and size 10 DNPs.  These knit up quickly as well– also in a couple of hours.  Now I can’t wait to start whipping up a bunch of them to give as gifts at Yule.  Peep #2 has been asking me for pair for the longest time (which is why I knit the “finger” area so short–see photo below), and I am just busting to give these to her!  Her birthday is next month so I’m going to be patient, and in the meantime I’m going to start up a pair for myself on the sly….

Sirdar Fingerless Mitts

Sirdar Fingerless Mitts


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