Boo Breyers!

The other night a terrible headache woke me from sleep.  That never happens!  It almost felt like the headaches I get whenever I inadvertently eat something with MSG in it.  I had to take an Excedrine, which is the "big guns" for me since I try to use natural remedies whenever possible.  But this was a bad one.  I wound up lying awake for most of the rest of the night with an Exedrine-induced caffeine high trying to figure out what I might have eaten that caused it. 

A few days later, I'm curious and check the label on a box of Breyer's Peach Ice Cream I'd bought for the kids.  Yeah–the one that has "All Natural!" plastered all over the container.  "Natural flavor" is listed in the ingredients list… I don't remember seeing that before but I rarely buy ice cream so I'm not sure.  I do some internet research and find out that after Unilever purchased the company a few years back this mysterious "natural flavor" started appearing in the ingredient list on some of the flavors that previously had very limited ingredients lists (typically the fruit flavors).  And, I do know that MSG can legally be listed as "natural flavor." 

Hmmm…..coincidence that I got such a bad headache after I'd eaten some of that "natural flavor"-infused ice cream?  I dunno… but I sent an email to Breyer's asking them outright if there is MSG in any of their "natural" ice cream.  I anxious away a response (though I'm not holding my breath.)


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