Good Progress

So it's halfway through our school year, and I'm feeling pretty good about where we are.  We are on schedule to finish up our bookwork by mid June… some subjects earlier than than.  I was able to keep up a good momentum through the fall, enough so that we took three solid weeks in December!

This time of year though, it's really hard to keep that momentum going!  I'm really pushing myself.  Last year I felt the same way and we dropped a lot of the book work for a while in the early winter.  We regretted it as the nicer weather arrived though!  So I am determined to stick with it.  We'll take another week break in March, and I have a feeling it will be much needed!

Socks rock

This fall I learned how to knit socks, and I have been addicted to making them ever since!  I always have a pair going.  Thought I would post a few pictures of some…

Here is the first pair, a little “training sock”… I gave them to my nephew, but they were too small!

First Socks!

First Socks!