November 21, 2008

I admit it, I've been neglecting the blog!  Too much interference from RL.  In the spring I acquired 7 new chicks, a kitten, and a beehive!  Needless to say they all have kept me busy for quite some time.  I'd been wanting to add to my flock for a while and was especially interested in some blue egg layers (Ameracaunas).  So, when a friend was placing a large order with McMurray Hatchery, I decided to tack on a few.  You always have to plan for losses… those wee chicks are pretty fragile, so I ordered 4 Ameracaunas.  But, I figured I'd like to mix it up a bit and get a couple others, so I also ordered three Black Australorps and three Plymoth (Barred) Rocks.  As it turns out, they were out of the Ameracaunas so I only got the Blacks and the Rocks.  I am disappointed but hope to get the ones I wanted next year.  And, the ones I have are just beautiful!  Some have started laying already so they are keeping me well stocked in eggs.  Four hens I gave to my sister, so my flock is still at seven, which I think is a good size for us.

The bees… wow, are they amazing!  Although I won't get a full honey harvest this autumn, I have been able to extract a couple of jars worth, and also get my own wax (which I made into candles).  I am so psyched to have the bees;  I love making my own candles, herbals salves/lip balms etc, so to have my own wax is a real boon.  Not to mention my own local honey.  Yum!

In February one of our cats passed away after a long bout with kidney failure.  So sad!  I still miss  her curling up next to me at night.  After a while we acuired a kitten from the same friend I split the chicken order with.  One of her barn cats had a litter of kittens and we picked a black tortoise shell bob-tail and named her Luna.  She is full of mischeif, that one, and loves to torment our other cat Piper.  But she is settling down now (7 months old) and I'm so glad she's stopped wreaking havoc in the middle of the night!

That's the main update for now.  Next time I'll post about school and how that's going.  We've made some changes this year that are really working well.  But for now, dinner awaits!