Knit Wit

I’ve taken up a new hobby– knitting!  As if I didn’t too many other distractions to begin with. LOL  I started in September when I friend of mine took it up, and we have been attending a Knitting Circle on Tuesday evenings.  Until recently I hadn’t ventured beyond scarves; I knitted one for my brother, sister-in-law, and DH for Christmas.  I also made ones for myself and the two Peeps back when I started out.  In an attempt to master increasing, I knitted a headscarf


for Peep #2 and even embellished it with beads!

Since I am journal-crazy, I started one for knitting, making notes on materials used, mistakes, wash-and-care instructions.  I recently started taking pictures as well– I wish I’d started doing that earlier!

Last week I finally got around to seeing The Golden Compass (I loved the books) and though I enjoyed the movie, I also could not take my eyes off the gorgeous knits Lyra was wearing!  One more thing for me to geek-out over, hmm?

So anyway, my latest project is a “6-hour throw”, from a free pattern I founds at Lionbrand.  It uses their Homespun yarn and HUGE size 50 needles and really does knit up very quickly.  The Homespun yarn is not my favorite– I normally like working with natural fibers– but it is good for this project and I do like that I can wash and dry it with no special care.  I picked out my own colors, in shades of lavender and purple, and am about 10 inches from completing it.  I will post a picture of the completed project.  My next endeavor is going to be learning to knit in the round.  My mother, who started knitting a month or so after I did, has already moved on to knitting in the round and whipped up a couple of hats!  I’m sure she knit in a previous life 😀  Me, I was too comfortable in Scarfville to move on to anything more challenging, but now I am ready!