School, Harry Potter, & Harvest Time

Wow, my last post was in April!  Such is the life of a gardener, I guess.  I’ll pick back up on my posting (more frequently) once the garden is put to bed for the season.  Right now everything’s either at peak harvest or just passing, so it’s already slowing down some.  I had fabulous success with my pumpkins this year:  13 in all– a witch’s dozen!  Everything did really well, with the exception of my cukes.  They were so bitter;  I will won’t be trying that variety again!  I’ll post more detailed garden notes another time…

We had a great summer.  The highlight was the Harry Potter book release party we went to on July 20th.  The place that did it really went ALL OUT and it was a blast.  The peeps got to pet a variety of “magical creatures” including an owl and a 90-pound albino python!

Magical Creatures

Magical Creatures

The owl was my favorite;  they truly ARE magical.  Let’s see… they got interviewed by Rita Skeeter, had a potions lesson, got their fortunes read by Professor Trelawney,



helped Hagrid find Fluffy, and got to watch Snape on trail and decide whether or not he was guilty or innocent.  In addition, we watched a bard preform, got a horse-drawn carriage ride, and got to eat ice cream on the double decker Knight Bus!  Naturally, none of that compared to actually getting the book.  Peep #1 started it on the car ride home.  I let him read a few minutes before bed, then he spent most of the next day reading it until he finished that evening.  It took me quite a bit longer, but I loved it as well.

Knight Bus, with Ice Cream

Knight Bus, with Ice Cream


Potions 101

Potions 101



Okay, I KNEW Snape wasn’t bad!! I would have been seriously disappointed if JKR had gone that route; IMO it would have been so horrendously out-of-character if the immensely wise Dumbledore trusted Snape only to have him turn in the end. I loved the retrospective we got to see of Snape in the end, though I was really bummed out he had to die. I loved the character, which I really credit Alan Rickman with… he brought a likability to Snape that the books never had.

I just loved the book. It was a fantastic journey, and I’m sorry it’s over wail. The epilogue was a littlle too corny for me though, but still enjoyable. I just thought it needed an “in between” chapter… maybe set a few months later, so see how everyone is settling into a world without Voldemort. Which reminds me… Harry had wanted to be an Auror– I wondered what his profession was as an adult and wish that had been revealed. (Perhaps he signed a book deal and was living off it … LOL)

At last!

At last!

One other small beef: lack of Ginny and Harry. She remained such a small part right to the end. Sure, they got married and lived happily ever after an’ all… but I just figured she’d have a bigger part. Their romance just never rang true to me because we never really get to see it develop… Harry just seems to realize he likes her one day and boom, that’s it. They share some snogging on and off, get married in the end but… just kind of falls flat for me. I still think Harry and Hermoine would’ve been a better match.  They shared a lot of emotionally charged scenes and were a lot closer than Ginny and Harry.


Other than that, we enjoyed our usual vacation, had a visit from my brother and his family, and generally spent a lot of time doing summery things.  Now I am turning my attention towards school, which we start the Tuesday after Labor Day.   BUT, the details I will save for another day, another post, as this is already turned into War and Peace…


2 thoughts on “School, Harry Potter, & Harvest Time

  1. So you were grounded in the garden and playing with the pumpkins all summer :).Welcome back!I also would have liked to have seen more info on what Harry was doing in the epilogue but then again that leaves some things open for a sequel if Rowling is suddenly inspired again.

  2. Thanks for the welcome back, Spirit Seeker!  You are right about that… in fact I’ve heard through the grapevine that JKR is in the process of writing a Harry Potter “encyclopedia” of sorts, where a lot of post-Deathly Hallows vingettes will be revealed.  Can’t wait! 🙂

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