180 Days

In accordance with our state homeschooling laws, I make sure we get in exactly 180 school days in our year.  Yesterday I say down and crunched our numbers– we are right on track to finish up in mid-June (the 15th).  However, if I can squeeze in a few weekend field trips we can try an shave off a few more days.  Technically, we still do some sort of  "school" in the summer, but it's all the fun stuff.  Field trips, art projects, nature journals, science in the form of gardening, rock and shell identification at the beach, that kind of thing.  I really look forward to it!  I put a lot of pressure on myself during "regular" school time to do the three Rs, so this a nice change of pace for me.

That said, I am probably going to continue with some sort of Math instruction this time.  Because I switched DS to Singapore from a different Math program, I started him a year behind to make sure he would "get it" (Singapore teaches Math concepts much differently).  I shoulda known… he picked it up no problem and has whizzed through.  So I'd like to maybe continue at least somewhat with it over the summer to get him where he's supposed to be.  For DD, I'll just give her a math drill sheet once in a while to keep her facts in her head.

Next week we're on Spring vacation and I have a few activities planned. I'm really looking forward to that.  Sometimes I think we get our best "schooling" done during vacation!


5 thoughts on “180 Days

  1. Unschooling is great!  We do a lot of that too (and entirely during vacations).  It’s just– for us– doing some structured worked as well works best.  So far this week though, we haven’t done any schooling… unschooling or otherwise!  We were lazy yesterday but today if the weather breaks will get in some nature journaling.  🙂

  2. we consider every day school… life is learnig. so in my opinion i think you were unschooling this week =PI understand structure… some kids need it. infact my kids desire certain types too… like plenty of outside time every day. and regular meals and semi regular bedtimes. whatever works for your family you know? my kids would freak if we didnt eat at the same times… but i knnow some families who could care less about that.

  3. Oops, I just realize the way I phrased that it sounded like we do unschooling ONLY on vacations.  We actually mix it up quite a bit during our “regular” school time as well.”Life is learning”…  So true!  

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