Bugs Ahoy

Ugh, must be spring– the bugs are back.  I found a soldier bug in the school room, a spider in the hall, and  (worst of all) a centipede in the kitchen sink.  As a gardener and nature lover I've come to tolerate most bugs but there's no getting around it:  the centipede really freaks me out.  It's just downright creepy looking!!

Anyway, I finally got motivated last weekend to start some seeds.  It's hard to get motivated when the weather is still so crappy, but I will be kicking myself in May if I don't get a move on.  And on cold March days the greenhouse is toasty and a great spot to be!   So, so far I've planted:

*Lady's Mantel
*Bee Balm

Something killed my Mugwort this winter (Okay– it was me.) so I need to start some of that, as well as Coriander.  The rest of the herbs and plants I brought inside in the fall have survived nicely.  This weekend I'll get started on the Tomatoes and Peppers, and I'll (miraculously) be on schedule.  Also, now that the compost pile is thawing, I've started that back up again.

Other than gardening news, there's not much going on.  School is going well; I can't believe that there are only two more full months of class left!  The Peeps are excited for summer break, and so am I!  The Vernal Equinox is next week and we'll plan something fun to do (I haven't decided what yet.)  And oh yeah!  Supernatural is new tomorrow!


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