Confessions of a hair product junkie…

I have a confession.  I am a hair product junkie.  There is a box in my closet filled to the brim with bottles of gels, mousses, conditioners, shampoos, de-frizzers, volumizers and sprays that are only two squirt shy of being full.  It's a sickness!!  Perhaps it's the plight of the long-locked.  Keeping hair looking healthy as it grows (and once it's long) is difficult; you have to treat it carefully.  But sometimes, no matter how nice you are to your hair, it just stands up and smacks you.  Over the years I've come to embrace my wavy hair, after years of pining for the Botticelli curls my sister was blessed with or the stick straight Asian hair I've always admired.  Wavy to me was just a euphemism for UNRULY.  I am stuck (I'm trying not to use the word "cursed") with that wavy, and yes, slightly unruly hair that I attribute to my Scotch-Irish heritage (Dad was Italian– hence the Botticelli's).  In the fall and winter months, my hair looks pretty good… lays pretty flat and even looks silky.  But the minute humidity strikes, there rising up like little demons around my head are the frizzies.  Ugh.  

But it's not just the Battle of the Frizz that brings me repeatedly to salons and drugstores to try the next product.  I also simply like testing the stuff.  That's where the "sickness" comes in.  WHY I like trying these things out so much, I have no clue.  (I also have a strange love-affair with office supplies… Staples is one of my favorite stores!  But that is for another post…)

At any rate, I've tried 'em all.  The high-tech "latest" stuff.  The all-natural stuff.  Even made (make) my own.  So, I thought I might start a folder of reviews for different products I've tried… maybe someone else will find it helpful.  At the very least it will be a reminder to me that I've already tried something once before. Sigh. Hey, it's  hard to keep track!

To start, (and since this post is long enough already), I'll just say that I've had really good luck with making my own hair products.  I love to experiment with different oils (BIG surprise), but my current favorite is grapeseed oil.  It's moisturizing without feeling too heavy for my fine hair.  I've been mixing it with an equal part of aloe vera gel to make a sort of leave-in conditioner/gel with excellent results.  I also put in a drop of an essential oil if I want a little scent to it.  So, that's that!  Next up:  Burt's Bees Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Conditioner… does it have a place of honor on the vanity, or has it been relegated to the dark cavernous realm of my vast product graveyard?  Stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a hair product junkie…

  1. I have major access to hair products … my lovely husband works for a company that makes a lot (and owns a lot of other high end companies).  Have you tried Kerastase?  Are you trying to smooth your hair, or play up your wavyness? I can certainly offer you some advice in that area 😉

  2. An inside source!  Excellent :-).  What I’m trying to do primarily is get rid of any “bushiness” or frizz that happens when it’s humid out.  I don’t mind the waves if they behave (if that makes any sense).  I’ll give the Kerastase line a try– thanks Momto5!  -Firefly

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