We had vacation this week– it went by so fast!  We did a lot of art projects, journaling, educational board games… the kind of thing I wish we did more of during “regular” school time.  It’s a nice way for me to sneak in a little more school work.  Of course we had plenty of relaxation time too.  Friday I took the peeps to see Bridge to Terrabithia.  They hadn’t rated it yet on the kids-in-mind site so I had to do my own research on reviews.  The only negative one I came across said that the movie promoted “occultism and magical thinking”.  Anyway, it was a great flick and we had fun.  We don’t go to the  movies often, so when we do go it’s always nice feel like it wasn’t a waste of time and money!

In the adult movie category (well, not THAT kind of adult movie)  we sat through an hour of the abysmally bad Snakes on a Plane last night.  I thought it was going to be campy and fun like Slither was.  But no, it was just plain horrible!  We paused it to make some popcorn and decided not to go back to it.  Sorry, Samuel L.!

Battlestar Hilarity…

Found a couple of funny BSG tidbits from the Sci-fi Chics site that I wanted to share, both Apollo-related:

and this one:


They need to DO something with Apollo’s character.  Give him a better (read:  does not involve pining for Starbuck) storyline, one where he finds his niche on the series.  Another thing that I’d love to see is the writers delving into the Adama-Apollo relationship a little more.  Show us some father-son angst, maybe?  I don’t know… anything that what they’re currently doing  with the character!

Opera For Kids

Saturday we took the Peeps to see an operatic version of Little Red Riding Hood.  This is the second year we've gone– last year's was Billy Goat's Gruff.  The operas are put on by a local theatre group and so far have been very good!  It's a great introduction for the little ones into the opera.  They also learned terms like baratone, tenor, and even bravo! from the word find on back of the program… pretty cool!

In December we also took them to see a "regular" play- A Christmas Carol, which they both loved.  Peep #2 is particularly awed by the performance.  She watches, rapt, and I get a bigger kick out of watching her than the play!  I'd love to see if the local theatre is looking for child actors… I think it's something she'd enjoy tremendously.  It's something I'll have to investigate further.

Anyway, I wish there was more of this kind of thing around.  We are lucky to live in an area that does  have quite a bit of theatre (the same group that put on A Christmas Carol also puts on free "Shakespeare in the Park" performances every summer)… but still, I want more!  In the rush of schooling art and music (except for weekly piano lessons) often gets pushed aside when we are pressed for time.  So I feel a tad guilty about not spending as much time as I'd like on the arts.  Taking them to see these shows helps allevite the guilt a bit!

A Crunchy Forecast

We finally had our first real snow of the season today, the peeps were thrilled!  I let them go out and play for a while before school (and enjoyed a quiet breakfast to myself).  Peep #1 ran out, examined the snow in his gloved palm like some kind of archeological debris and declared, “All right!  It’s crunchy out!”  (Crunchy snow makes the best snowballs).