Chicks Rule

I have been reading ad nauseum about chick/chicken care in preparation for our impending arrivals this spring.  I think we’re going to start with two or three, with six being the absolute max.  The kids are very excited– well, Peep #2 is… she loves anything to do with bugs, animals, or mess making (and chickens make QUITE a mess, apparently).  Peep #1 is a fastidious lad, and he views the prospect of chicken ownership with more trepidation.  Frankly, it’s the poop that scares him.  He doesn’t want anything to do with the poop.  But I’ve assured him poop-duty is mine alone (as I’ll be collecting it for the garden anyway).  But the Peeps will be responsible for feeding and egg collecting, and he seems okay with that.

First things first though… in the next month or two we have to prepare the “coop”.  One of our outbuildings is a long, narrow, open pen/stable that has an enclosed 7×13′ room in it.  The space has a door to the outside (where the run will be) and one to the inside of the stable, as well as two windows.  I think it’ll make the perfect coop.  First, I have to nail up a roost and a nesting box (and as I am newly educated as to what these are, that shouldn’t be a problem).  Then the main construction project will be to put up the fenced run for them.  If we get a relatively mild weekend soon, I’d like to get started right away.  They actually will spend the first month or so in a box inside so we a little extra leeway, but still…

I think I’m more excited than the kids.  I’ve always be a city chick (pardon the pun) and am learning these things as I go, but am loving the small farm life.  Well, we’re not quite a farm yet, even though we do have a barn and a stable (both empty at the moment).  But once we get the chickens, I think we’ll be official.  Now if only I could talk DH into a horse! LOL



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