The Garden Crazies

I am up to my elbows in garden planning for the upcoming season.  I have gardening books, seed catalogs, graph paper and piles of magazine cut-outs littering most of the space on my desk and side table… it’s spreading to the kitchen, my night stand, even the car!!  I do it to myself every year, when inspiration first takes hold, and get overwhelmed.  But it’s a process, and I seem to need to go through it.  Then, I pare down.  This year’s contenders so far are:

Vegetables:  the usual suspects, though no eggplant this year.  I always plant it, then as the harvest starts coming in, I think, “what do I make with this? Do I even like eggplant??”

Herbs:  I’m goin’ wild with herbs this year… as it stands I only have a small culinary herb garden.  Now I’d like to add some magical and healing herbs, as well as add a few more for cooking:

-Hyssop (anise)
-Ladies Mantel
-Shepherd’s Purse
-Bee Balm
-Common Sage
-Evening Primrose

Flowers:  Pretty much I am pleased with the cutting garden so most of the flowers this year are fillers/scent-producers or garden helpers (beneficial insect attractors/bad insect repellants):

-Sweet Alyssum

The only other thing I’d like to try this year is a few night-bloomers.  I’ve already purchased a packet of Moon Flower seeds, but I’m thinking about also getting a night blooming Jasmine.

So, next up:  the ordering.  The local garden center still has one paltry seed display.  Everywhere I go to ask if they have seeds they always laugh and say it’s too early.  Hey!  Some of us start from seed and we need to get a move on, people!


One thought on “The Garden Crazies

  1. Mmm, jasmine.  I don’t have much garden space (or space to put a tiny garden), but I’d like to try jasmine. Thanks for the inspiration!

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