Killing Time Between Battlestar Galactica’s…

Being peeved with the move to Sundays notwithstanding, I am anxiously awaiting the return of Battlestar on the 21st.  Season 3.5 begins with an episode called “The Rapture” which, hopefully, will be nothing like the David Duchovny film of the same name. mrgreen  There are rumors floating around the ‘net about Starbuck’s death, but I don’t buy it.  There’s been some discussion about this rumor at Sci-Fi Chics and the general consensus is that it’s a foiler.  What I *would* like them to kill is her relationship with Apollo… they have a sibling-like vibe so watching their make-out scenes is all kinds of EEWWW for me.

But mostly I just want to know who the remaining Cylons are.  I think Baltar is too obvious a choice, but I don’t know…  could be Tigh… THAT would be an interesting twist.  I just can’t see anyone else being a toaster-in-disguise that would work story-wise.

In other news from the world of Sci-Fi Geekdom, I was reading at SyFy Portal that Daniel Craig wants to throw his hat into the race to play Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek XIPlease please please…. ANYBODY but Matt Damon!!!

2 thoughts on “Killing Time Between Battlestar Galactica’s…

  1. Of course the psyco cylon who sees the future did tell the President that Adama was a cylon before he’s was shown the airlock.  And while mentally unstable, everything he sees does seem to come to pass, usually just in a very twisted way. 

  2. Egads, please no!  You are absolutely right of course…  I had forgotten about that.  But really, I hope that’s not the case.  That would ruin the main story arch of them trying to find Earth.  I mean, who else would lead them?  Tigh?  I could see maybe Laura, but…  **shrug**  Of course, they could make him one of those kinder, gentler, Athena-like toasters. (I’m still not clear on where personal-choice fits in to the Cylon psyche…)

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