Yuletide News

Today was our first day back after two weeks off. I think it was
hardest for me to get back into the routine… the Peeps were beyond
excited but I found myself feeling not quite ready. Homeschooling is
awesome and I love it, but it is also challenging and time consuming
and I really did enjoy having a bit of a respite! We spent a lot of
time making cookies, decorating, and working on special projects. We
created figures for and constructed a solstice cave to celebrate the
Winter Solstice, made t-shirts for Christmas presents for their little cousin Henry — mostly the usual stuff. I love this time
of year!

But now it's back to reality.
I am already starting to turn my thoughts to the garden. I'm thinking about trying my hand (or thumb, as the case may be)
at a moonlight garden. There are some wonderful, fragrant choices for
night blooming flowers and I'd love to find a spot for one. Aside from
that it's just the usual variety selection for the vegetable, herb and flower
gardens. Fun!! Last year the Peeps helped a bit with planning (and a
lot with maintenance) but I'd like them to take a more active role this
year; maybe even have their own little patch to tend to.


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