Chicks Rule

I have been reading ad nauseum about chick/chicken care in preparation for our impending arrivals this spring.  I think we’re going to start with two or three, with six being the absolute max.  The kids are very excited– well, Peep #2 is… she loves anything to do with bugs, animals, or mess making (and chickens make QUITE a mess, apparently).  Peep #1 is a fastidious lad, and he views the prospect of chicken ownership with more trepidation.  Frankly, it’s the poop that scares him.  He doesn’t want anything to do with the poop.  But I’ve assured him poop-duty is mine alone (as I’ll be collecting it for the garden anyway).  But the Peeps will be responsible for feeding and egg collecting, and he seems okay with that.

First things first though… in the next month or two we have to prepare the “coop”.  One of our outbuildings is a long, narrow, open pen/stable that has an enclosed 7×13′ room in it.  The space has a door to the outside (where the run will be) and one to the inside of the stable, as well as two windows.  I think it’ll make the perfect coop.  First, I have to nail up a roost and a nesting box (and as I am newly educated as to what these are, that shouldn’t be a problem).  Then the main construction project will be to put up the fenced run for them.  If we get a relatively mild weekend soon, I’d like to get started right away.  They actually will spend the first month or so in a box inside so we a little extra leeway, but still…

I think I’m more excited than the kids.  I’ve always be a city chick (pardon the pun) and am learning these things as I go, but am loving the small farm life.  Well, we’re not quite a farm yet, even though we do have a barn and a stable (both empty at the moment).  But once we get the chickens, I think we’ll be official.  Now if only I could talk DH into a horse! LOL


QotD: Beam Me Up

If you could make a magic wish for a futuristic gadget or high-tech innovation, what would your item do? 
Submitted by Red Pen.

Definitely transporter
technology à la Star Trek.  I have done a lot of travelling in my
life… I've lived in different countries and visited others.  But in
these post 9-11 days, travelling is frustrating if not terrifying for
me.  I'd love to be able to have my atoms instantly beamed to anywhere
I wanted. 

Any little green men out there listening?  I'm ready.  BEAM ME UP!!

Bad Tech Mojo

I have had some seriously bad machine-mojo going on the last couple of days!  First, my car battery died (I mean completely died, had to buy a new one), then, my Razr phone suddenly stopped interfacing with my computer.  Moto4lin, the program I've been using for months to transfer files from phone to computer and vice versa, all of a sudden is not recognizing my phone… and I haven't changed anything on either device.  Finally, my Mac had a mini-crash.  It just wouldn't boot up without me having to go into Open Firmware mode. What gives??

At any rate, I am back up on the computer (at last!), I have a new battery in my car so that is running fine now, but I still can't figure out the phone thing.  Pft!

A Favorite Quote…

"We are human in expression, but divine in creation and limitless in potentiality."- Eric Butterworth

I've always been moved by this quote; it reminds me to continue working on being the best person I can be.  It also helps me keep in mind that my children are also "limitless in potentialtily", and I have the tremendous responsibility of helping them reach for their dreams.  With kindness, discipline and common sense, I hope I will teach them that anything is possible.

QotD: It Was Kismet

How did you meet your current, or most recent, significant other?

Freshman year of college we met at a party.  I was (and still am– but these days I'm better about over coming it) very shy and a wallflower so I hadn't been to any of the parties in our dorm that first month I was there.  Then in October a girl who lived across the hall (a junior, who was very kind to me and took me under  her wing) asked if I would fill in for her one night working the keg at that week's party.  I really didn't want to but she had been so nice and I didn't want to let her down …she had tickets to a concert that she really wanted to go to, but had previously committed to working the party.  So, I filled in for her.  There were a couple of guys working the keg/kitchen as well that night, one of them future DH.  He was really cute and funny and sweet and… well, the rest is history.  That was back in 1986!  Krikey, I don't feel that old…!

The Garden Crazies

I am up to my elbows in garden planning for the upcoming season.  I have gardening books, seed catalogs, graph paper and piles of magazine cut-outs littering most of the space on my desk and side table… it’s spreading to the kitchen, my night stand, even the car!!  I do it to myself every year, when inspiration first takes hold, and get overwhelmed.  But it’s a process, and I seem to need to go through it.  Then, I pare down.  This year’s contenders so far are:

Vegetables:  the usual suspects, though no eggplant this year.  I always plant it, then as the harvest starts coming in, I think, “what do I make with this? Do I even like eggplant??”

Herbs:  I’m goin’ wild with herbs this year… as it stands I only have a small culinary herb garden.  Now I’d like to add some magical and healing herbs, as well as add a few more for cooking:

-Hyssop (anise)
-Ladies Mantel
-Shepherd’s Purse
-Bee Balm
-Common Sage
-Evening Primrose

Flowers:  Pretty much I am pleased with the cutting garden so most of the flowers this year are fillers/scent-producers or garden helpers (beneficial insect attractors/bad insect repellants):

-Sweet Alyssum

The only other thing I’d like to try this year is a few night-bloomers.  I’ve already purchased a packet of Moon Flower seeds, but I’m thinking about also getting a night blooming Jasmine.

So, next up:  the ordering.  The local garden center still has one paltry seed display.  Everywhere I go to ask if they have seeds they always laugh and say it’s too early.  Hey!  Some of us start from seed and we need to get a move on, people!